Texas Whitetail Hunt hosted by Follow Her Arrow

I couldn’t have been more excited when I got a phone call from Jessica of Follow Her Arrow asking me to join her and a group of ladies on a Texas whitetail adventure. Her step-dad, Todd, was nice enough to invite her and a few friends to come hunt cull-buck at RBR Ranch in south Texas. This was my first time hunting in Texas so I had no idea what to expect.

I flew into Austin, TX where I was greeted by Jessica, her husband Braxton, Nicole Oliver and Jennifer Ferries. We all spent the night at Jessica and Braxton’s house which was basically an awesome slumber party where we shared hunting stories and talked about the upcoming hunt. The next morning we loaded up the truck and headed for Beeville, Tx.

The ranch was even more beautiful than I had imagined it. There’s the main house where the boys were staying, equipped with a beautiful large kitchen where Jeremiah, From Field to Plate, could work his culinary magic.

Behind the house was another cabin that us girls had all to ourselves. It reminded me of my days at girl scout camp with a big room full of bunk beds. It was decorated with true Texas flare and on the walls hung trophy bucks with some of the largest racks i’ve ever seen. We quickly unpacked our things and prepared for our first evening hunt.

We drew names to decided which guide we were going to be hunting with. I drew Todd, Jessica’s step-dad, which made me extremely nervous at first but that didn’t last long. Todd is a very nice guy who in a way reminded me of my own dad which made hunting with him a lot of fun.

On the first night of the hunt I took a shot at a beautiful 9 PT cull buck at 17 yards. Todd and I both watched at my arrow stuck into the bucks side and take off. The shot was slightly back from the ideal placement but Todd and I both thought it was a kill shot nonetheless. We waited until the sun went down and for the others to meet up with us before we started to track.

We had a good blood trail that lead us to my arrow and a pool of foamy looking deep red blood, but no dead deer. My excitement quickly turned to worry and I started to replay the whole thing in my mind over and over. We took a break for to eat and to meet up with Jeremiah Dougthery and Jeff Quigley who just arrived. After a quick bite we continued on the search for the deer I shot. Everyone gave 150% effort into finding this buck, we crawled through the thick south Texas bushes and muddy swamps with infested with rattlesnakes and wild hogs. Todd even called in dogs to track the wounded buck but still no luck. After hours of searching we were exhausted and decided to call it a night. We never ended up finding the buck although we looked again the next few days. It was a heartbreaking blow for me but also a learning experience. Jessica said it best while trying to stop the tears from rolling down my face, ” this is a part of hunting, as hunters we never want to see an animal wounded. It happens to the best of the best but keep your head up and your arrow flying straight.”

Jessica ended up harvesting a BEAUTIFUL buck and the next day she shot a doe, which Jeremiah used to made the farewell dinner. Venison lollipops that were to die for! I ended up harvesting a beautiful mature doe on the last morning of the hunt and Nicole also shot a buck the last day.

At the end of the trip I ended up taking home more just a cooler full of meat. I took with me friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Thank you so much to RBR ranch for letting us come hunt. Also to Jessica and Braxton Byers for everything they did to make this trip so amazing!


Check out Follow her Arrow’s video of the weekend below!



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