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Nebraska Snow Goose Hunt

If you are following me on social media then you know I recently went on a snow goose hunt in Nebraska. It was an all girls trip that we planned through social media. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to hunt with such amazing women. It was a one of a kind experience I will certainly remember for the rest of my life. In the video I did my best to transfer the feeling of being there. I think I came quite close, although it was difficult to capture how much fun we really had into a 4 minute clip.

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Women shooting snow goose

The geese were being stubborn, none of them wanted to decoy for us.

nebraska sunrise

The sunrises and sunsets were stunning. It was one of the most beautiful sights to witness and a very humbling experience.

Hunt like a girl

Hunting selfie.

Nebraska sunset

Sunset on the last evening.


Special thanks to Dirty Bird Outfitters for guiding us on our hunt. Especially our guide Dewey, who worked so hard for us. You are the best Dewey!